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BROT 2 – a mediterranean plant trait database

July 10th, 2018 No comments

We have released a new version of the BROT database on plant functional traits for Mediterranean Basin species [1]. BROT 2.0 is an improved and expanded version of BROT 1.0 [2]; while the first version focused on fire related traits, the version 2.0 is more general and include a higher diversity plant functional traits. BROT 2 includes 25,764 individual records of 44 traits from 2,457 plant taxa distributed in 119 taxonomic families.

The structure of the BROT 2 database is very simple and include four files (or tables) linked by IDs: the Data file (the main file), the Taxa file, Sources file, and an additional Synonymous file. Tables 5, 6, 7, and 9 refer to the place in the paper [1] with the definitions of the corresponding field.Geographical scope of BROT in the Mediterranean Basin. Circles are the locations of the data (for records with geographical coordinates), with colors indicating the number of records. The blue region refers to the Mediterranean climate area following Quézel & Médail (2003).


[1] Tavsanoglu Ç. & Pausas J.G. 2018. A functional trait database for Mediterranean Basin plants. Scientific Data 5: 180135 [doi | SciDat | pdf | data | BROT web]

[2] Paula, S., M. Arianoutsou, D. Kazanis, Ç. Tavsanoglu, F. Lloret, C. Buhk, F. Ojeda, B. Luna, J. M. Moreno, A. Rodrigo, J. M. Espelta, S. Palacio, B. Fernández-Santos, P. M. Fernandes, and J. G. Pausas. 2009. Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin. Ecology 90:1420-1420. [doi | ESA journals | Ecological Archives | pdf | BROT web]


Trait databases: BROT to EOL

October 26th, 2014 No comments

Some years ago we complied and published a database on plant traits related to fire for the Mediterranean basin, the BROT database [1, 2]. Now the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL,, which is an initiative to gather scientific knowledge about all animal and plant life on Earth, has incorporated the BROT database [link]! We are very happy that EOL consider BROT as a reliable source of information; this implies that our compilation effort is now much more widely accessible, with a friendly interface, and integrated with other sources of information. For instance, if you search a Mediterranean plant species in the EOL search engine (e.g., Cistus albidus), you get, a part from pictures, a description, and other details, a window with the trait information extracted from BROT (see the overview result here; you can also go to the full trait data). It is aslo possible to search by trait in all EOL databases ( Note however that we were not responsible for translating the BROT database to the EOL format, so any error or misinterpretation during this process is not our fault! In fact we have never been asked or notified that EOL was going to incorporate BROT, I found it just by chance …



[1]  Paula S, Arianoutsou M, Kazanis D, Tavsanoglu Ç, Lloret F, Buhk C, Ojeda F, Luna B, Moreno JM, Rodrigo A, Espelta JM, Palacio S, Fernández-Santos B, Fernandes PM, and Pausas JG. 2009. Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin. Ecology 90: 1420. [doi] [ESA journals] [Ecological Archives E090-094] [pdf]

[2] Paula S. & Pausas J.G. 2013. BROT: a plant trait database for Mediterranean Basin species. Version 2013.06. URL:


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