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Postfire flowering: Gladiolus illyricus

On the 4th of Sep 2016, a wildfire burnt 800 ha in Xàbia, north of Alacant (Marina Alta, eastern Spain). About 7 months later (March 2017), Gladiolus illyricus shows a spectacular blooming:


21-03-2017 005_sm
Gladiolus illyricus. Photos by: Toni Bolufer (top), Juli G Pausas (bottom)

For more examples of postfire flowering, see: jgpausas.blogs.uv.es/tag/postfire-flowering/

  1. April 5th, 2017 at 12:28 | #1

    That’s spectacular! I wonder how similar postfire flowering is across the Mediterranean Ecosystems, in terms of species richness, functional types (i.e., pollination syndrome), and phylogenetic diversity.

  2. Juli G. Pausas
    April 5th, 2017 at 14:53 | #2

    I wonder too … Very little is still known on this topic.

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