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Fast postfire flowering

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Some plants flower very quickly after fire. The advantage of this postfire-flowering is probably the increased resource availability and the reduced competition for pollination in recently burned areas. Here are some examples of fast postfire flowering (click the image to enlarge).

I’d be happy to add more examples, so please feel free send me more pictures (by email or twitter), with at least the species name, and if possible, the time since fire and locality.

Monocots: Asparagales


Monocots: Other orders (Arecales, Poales, Pandanales, Liliales)




Details of each photo (alphabetic order)

  • Argemone albiflora (Papaveraceae), after the Walker Fire on the east slope of the Sierra Nevada near Mono Lake in California, by Jesse Miller (@Texosporium)
  • Asphodelus ramosus (Asphodelaceae), 1 month postfire, Valencia, Spain by JGP
  • Bulbostylis paradoxa (Cyperaceae) one month after a fire, Costa Rica, by JGP
  • Calopogon multiflorus (Orchidaceae), 13 days postfire, Florida, by Todd Angel (@ecologyangel)
  • Calystegia macrostegia (Convolvulaceae), Santa Barbara, California, by Erin Hanan (@erinjhanan)
  • Chamaerops humilis (Arecaceae), 1 month postfire, eastern Spain, by JGP
  • Cyrtanthus contractus (Amaryllidaceae), 3 days postfire, Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, South Africa, by Heath Beckett (@HeathBeckett)
  • Echinacea paradoxa (Asteraceae), Missouri, by Jesse Miller (@Texosporium)
  • Gladiolus illyricus (Iridaceae), eastern Spain, by Toni Bolufer
  • Iris lutescens (Iridaceae), 1 month postfire, Valencia, Spain by JGP
  • Lapiedra martinezzi (Amaryllidaceae), eastern Spain, by JGP
  • Mairia coriacea (Asteraceae), SW Cape, by H. Luzeyer (from @TheFynbosTrail)
  • Narcissus triandrus subsp. pallidulus (Amaryllidaceae), central Spain, by JGP
  • Rodophiala advena (Amaryllidaceae), Chile, by JGP
  • Scilla autumnalis (Asparagaceae), 1 month postfire, eastern Spain, by JGP
  • Stenanthium densum (Melanthiaceae), 50 days postfire, Florida Longleaf Pine Savanna
  • Urginea maritima (Asparagaceae), 1 month postfire, eastern Spain, by JGP
  • Vellozia pyrantha (Velloziaceae), 2 weeks postfire, Chapada Diamantina NP, Bahia, Brazil by A.A. Conceiçao (J Nat Cons 2018)
  • Watsonia borbonica (Iridaceae), 8 months postfire, slopes of the Table Mountain, South Africa, by Jakob’s Vineyards (@JakobsVineyard)
  • Xanthorrhoea (Asphodelaceae), by Susie Green (@SusieGreen4)


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